Aerialst practicing at CrossFit Mean Streets
Project Angels Flight — DTLA Update
Aerial Silks and PRE-Flight Training Have Arrived in Downtown L.A.

Since 1901, downtown Los Angeles has been home to Angels Flight, the "Shortest Railway in the World." Now Flight Club Fitness has teamed up with CrossFit Mean Streets to launch Phase One of our quest to bring aerial athletics to Downtown LA. In addition to being the premier strength and conditioning center in Downtown, the amazing Mean Streets space now hosts Aerial Silks and PRE-Flight training classes every Tuesday and Thursday. Throughout the week, we also offer individual silks instruction, as well as personal training with NASM certified trainers. Contact us for more information or to set up an appointment.

Flight Club Fitness at CrossFit Mean Streets is located at 265 S Main St., Los Angeles, 90012. (Map it)

Click here to learn more about Aerial Silks and our PRE-Flight Ab Attack class.
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Pali Overnight Adventures
Awesome Adventures

In Summer 2012, Flight Club Fitness will partner with Pali Overnight Adventures to add the high-flying trapeze and aerial arts experience to the impressive range of specialty camps they offer at their beautiful location in the mountains of Southern California. Visit their site to learn more about all of their incredible camp experiences.

What we really wanna know is where was Secret Agent Camp when we were kids?

Flying in Istanbul

In June 2011, the Flight Club team travelled to Istanbul, Turkey, for a six week engagement at the astoundingly posh Hillside City Club. The gorgeous weather, and Hillside's fun, fit, and friendly members & staff made the experience one we'll never forget and can't wait to repeat.

See for yourself how amazing it was:
Hillside City Club on Flickr
Hillside City Club on Vimeo