Flight Club Kids - Trust in Play

The only thing better than the look on someone's face during their first trapeze flight, as they recapture a childlike sense of wonder, is the look on an actual child's face as they fly through the air and begin to discover their own limitless potential.

Flight Club Fitness uses equipment specifically designed to accommodate younger flyers, and our staff has specializes in helping kids gain confidence, build strength & body awareness, and learn to trust in themselves.

Summer Camps

We can provide the staff, equipment, and programs to give campers the experience of a lifetime. Contact us for more information and to discuss how we can partner with you to give your campers the finest in trapeze and aerial arts instruction.

Birthday Parties
Flight Club Fitness can make you child's special day exciting and memorable. Contact us for details about our party packages.

"...their demeanor with the students is gentle, understanding and professional. The students – many of whom were quite afraid of heights – were put at ease and made more confident by the assured authority and solid instruction..."

Brandt C. P. Smith
Clark Montessori
Cincinnati OH