High-Flying Trapeze

Coming soon to Los Angeles.

Each 90-minute trapeze class includes a warm up, multiple practice swings with in-flight instruction to help you learn tricks and perfect your technique, and the opportuntity to catch tricks you've learned with our experienced catcher.

First Timers

After some basic instruction on the ground, you'll be ready to climb the ladder and try your first swing. Securely connected to safety lines, you'll feel the exhilaration of flying through the air as you try your first trick—the knee hang. We'll even teach you how to do a backflip dismount into the net (no...seriously). Then, when you've got the knee hang down, you'll get the chance to try a catch with our experienced catcher. That first catch? Pure bliss. The day after? You'll be sore from the awesome workout you didn't even realize you were getting, and you'll be aching to fly again.

Return Flyers

After you've nailed your knee hang and wowed your friends (Facebook and otherwise) with your fearless awesomeness, you can move on to even greater aerial butt-kickery. Our flight training programs provide enough structure to help you progress and achieve your goals, and enough flexibility to allow you to progress at your own pace. Supplement your trapeze training with our PRE-Flight™ classes, designed by NASM-certified trainers to support the total health, wellness, and performance of aerial fitness enthusiasts. You'll be feeling great, body and soul, and living that dream you forgot about when you were eight.

Aerial Silks

Now in Los Angeles and Bloomington.

If you've ever had the breath sucked right out of you as you watched a graceful aerialist twirl and spin, entwined with diaphanous, flowing fabric, then you already understand the a soul-stirring appeal of aerial silks. What you may not know is that aerial silks are both surprisingly accessible and a killer workout. Flight Club Fitness offers small group instruction and individual classes that will get you off the ground, out of your head, and into a dynamically expressive fitness routine.


PRE-Flight™ (Performance, Recovery, Endurance) Training

Getting you in the air is only the first step. Our PRE-Flight™ Training program was designed by National Academy of Sports Medicine certified trainers and professional aerial athletes. PRE-Flight Training keeps our members flying high by improving strength, conditioning, and flexibility to enhance performance and help prevent injury.

PRE-Flight Ab Attack

Ab Attack is a 30 minute core training class that targets both the core stabilization and the core movement systems. Many individuals have developed strength, power and muscular endurance to perform functional activities. However, few have properly developed the deep stabilization muscles required for lumbo-pelvic-hip complex stabilization. If the movement system is strong and the stabilization system is weak, the body senses imbalance and forces are not transferred or used properly. This leads to compensation, synergistic dominance and inefficient movements.

Ab Attack targets the core stabilization system by stimulating type 1 muscle fibers through techniques that improve intramuscular coordination. This enhances static and dynamic stabilization of the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex. Ab Attack also targets the muscles of the core-movement system training muscles to work synergistically with the stabilization system to ensure optimal intermuscular coordination of the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex.

The results are more than a 6-pack. The results are greater nueromuscular control and stabilization strength that will improve your sports performance.

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