When was the last time you worked out your body and your imagination at the same time?

Flight Club Fitness was founded by a group of professional aerialists and trapeze enthusiasts who believe that the high-flying trapeze and aerial arts are more than just a one-off experience for thrill seekers and bucket-listers. They're a lifestyle fitness activity like no other. That's why we've completely rethought trapeze and aerial instruction from the ground up. Literally.

Staffed by caring, experienced, knowledgeable professionals, Flight Club Fitness offers a safe and respectful environment that will nurtures your mind, body, and creativity, and instill the confidence to trust your higher self.


Our Approach

We're dedicated to supporting the overall health, well-being, and growth of our members. In addition to providing safe, supportive instruction in the high-flying trapeze and other aerial arts, Flight Club Fitness distinguishes itself with a structured, holistic training approach that addresses the needs of first-timers, professionals, and everyone in between.

Our unique PRE-Flightâ„¢ classes focus on fitness and wellness. As part of an aerial athletics lifestyle, they help flyers of all levels improve performance and prevent injury.

Our Equipment

Our custom designed trapeze rigs give beginners additional safety and support, to help build confidence while learning the basics. Experienced flyers benefit from high-performance equipment that will help them challenge their limits.